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Tyre Monitoring Systems

SensaTyre is a wireless tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system with a sensor/ transmitter mounted on each wheel plus a receiver with a display placed inside the vehicle.

SensaTyre Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System continually checks the pressures and temperatures of each tyre while you are driving. Should tyre pressure and/or temperature change beyond their normal range, the system alerts with an alarm and an a visual display.


Take a moment to watch this short video on SensaTyre TPMS.


Kits are available for low and high pressure applications to suit motor bikes, passenger cars, 4WD's, Caravans and trailers, Prime Movers and Motorhomes.

SensaTyre real time tyre monitoring kits will monitor up 14 wheels on one head unit, making it perfect for vehicle / trailer aplications.




Passenger Vehicle


Overland Vehicles

Boat Trailers

Camper Trailers




  • Internanal Strap Sensors (recomended)
  • Cap Sensors available
  • High Pressure Alert
  • Low Pressure Alert
  • High Temprature Alert
  • 7 Year Transmitter Lithium battery life
  • Prevent costly damage