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Safari & Expedition Preperation

Advanced Installation Service

Here at A.I.S we specialise in working with you to come up with the perfect solution for your Safari or expedition, self-drive tours with your own 4x4 vehicle can be one of the best holidays you will ever take, but you should be well prepared and ready for every eventuality. Your vehicle is your lifeline and we will help you in the preparation of your vehicle, caravan or trailer and make it home away from home for long journeys into remote Australia and beyond.

We understand that everyone is different and with that, every vehicle fit out also has to be to be different to suit your requirements, vehicle preperation depending on where and when you travel can also change your needs and if you intend to stay 'Off Grid' for long periods will require special consideration.

Special Builds

We work hard to bring you a total fit-out solution, we research and test all the products we use before we fit and supply them into your vehicle, we take time with your quote, and always use the highest quality parts and install them to the best of our ability added to this we keep our overheads low and pass that saving on.

Big Bird is the A.I.S Defender that has been equipped as a complete mobile installation service vehicle, one side fitted out with tools, stock and install equipment and the other is fitted out with a fully functioning kitchen with Fridge, 3 burner Dometic cook top and sink complete with hot and cold running water.

No location is too remote to visit with the fully equipped 'Big Bird' ready to install every possible accessory that you can imagine.

A.I.S has access to a vast range of 4WD & Safari accessories, camp equipment and has the knowledge and experience to advise and recommend don’t hesitate to call or email today and get ready for your 'SAFARI EXPERIANCE'

Advanced Installation Service

Hannibal Safari Sydney
A.I.S have been involved with Hannibal Australia since the first imported tent landed on our shores, Jeremy has known Peter from Hannibal for over 20 years and has worked closely with the build, research and development of the Hannibal high quality Roof Tents, Awnings and remote travel products throughout that time.

Our involvement with Hannibal is all about supplying the highest quality roof tents to meet our customers high demands that traveling within Australia's harsh conditions require.

Advanced Installation Service