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Instant Gas Hot Water

Having instant hot water in your caravan, camper trailer, vehicle and boat has never been easier than with the 'Country Comfort'

All About Our Country Comfort Portable LPG Tankless Instant Water Heaters

Country Comfort Tankless portable LPG water heaters are the most versatile unit on the market these days. They offer an endless supply of instant hot water at your required temperature without the need for electricity.

The technology behind tankless water heaters is amazingly simple. Water passes through a set of coils that function like a boiler. A computer sensor ignites a burner, which heats the coils. Water heats up within seconds. The system shuts off when the water flow ends.


  • Heats in excess of 360 litres per hour instantly at required temperature
  • Digital display screen for adjusting temperature and easy diagnostics
  • Newly designed, commercial-grade heat exchanger for optimum durability
  • Sleek, modern design with stainless or white finish
  • Easy drainage for freezing conditions
  • Fully approved LPG hose and regulator
  • Multi-function shower head and hose
  • Compact design at only 440 x 300 x 140mm
  • Includes 12V Pump


  • Endless supply of hot water without the cost
  • Energy Efficiency: Saving you approximately 60% of your energy bills Ultra low emissions leaving almost no carbon footprint
  • Ultra low emissions leaving almost no carbon footprint
  • No start-up lag eliminates cold water waste
  • No Electricity needed (2 x D Cell batteries)
  • Portable & Tankless (For Outdoor Use Only)

Safety Features


  • No old fashioned dangerous pilot light
  • Auto ignition and auto gas shut off
  • Auto gas off flame protection shut off
  • Digital display to avoid scalding




    Australian Owned