Over 25 years of experiance with Products, Installation and extensive Off-Road Travel

All wrapped up in a mobile Installation service!

Installation Service

Advanced Installation Service

We offer you over 25 years of experience in the installation of quality, compliant and reliable automotive accessories and parts. All of our products are carefully selected from high quality, trusted brands and installed to the highest standards.

Mobile Installation

Advanced Installation Service

The facility A.I.S provide is almost as broad as the products we supply, we are completely geared to keep our overheads low and pass that saving on to our customers.

Big Bird is the A.I.S Defender that has been equipped as a complete mobile installation service vehicle, one side fitted out with tools, stock and install equipment and the other is fitted out with a fully functioning kitchen with Fridge, 3 burner Dometic cook top and sink complete with hot and cold running water.

No location is too remote to visit with the fully equipped 'Big Bird' ready to install every possible accessory that you can imagine.

A.I.S is a well-balanced blend of expertise and personal service. As you can imagine in some instances some products may require a fully functioning workshop, this is where we use key partners within the 4wd industry which allows complete and extensive access to the work shop facilities that is needed.

Advanced Installation Service

Quality Automotive Wiring.
When we wire anything in your vehicle that draws heavy current such as high powered Offroad lights or audio amplifiers, there are a few things we consider.  Number one, we make sure we use wire that is rated for the amperage that the accessories is going to pull.  It is always better to have wire that is OVER rated rather than wire that is not rated high enough.  If wire is used that is not rated to handle the current that your accessory will pull, the result could be overheated wires that could melt the insulation or the electrical plugs found throughout your vehicle, causing a short or worse yet it could result in a fire. 
Advanced Installation Service