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GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking System Installation

GPS Tracking devices come in all shapes and sizes, and A.I.S knows how to install them all. With over ten years’ experience installing GPS tracking units from over 20 different companies; We has developed the best practice methods for installing GPS tracking electronics, multiple sensors (power take off or temperature gauges), and OBD2 ports into any vehicle type.

A.I.S has been in charge of several 1,000 unit+ large roll-outs of GPS tracking systems throughout Australia for single companies or municipalities, but we are also happy to service small to mid-sized local fleets and even handle single unit installs and repairs for consumers. The size of the job does not matter to us. We are professional, on-time, on-budget, and the last phone call you will ever make for a GPS installation.


Commercial Fleets

Larger commercial fleets are increasingly turning to new aftermarket technologies to enable them to run more efficiently and with greater accountability. Electronics like GPS tracking devices, in-vehicle cameras with DVR storage and wireless transmission, and safety software systems keeping track of hours of service are revolutionizing the fleet industry.

A.I.S specialises in the installation of all types of aftermarket electronics for fleets such as school buses, freight fleets, delivery vans, and government vehicles. We have done extensive work with tractor trailers, tow trucks, garbage and recycling vehicles, and just about anything.

If you are considering adding any aftermarket electronics to your fleets and vehicles, please give us a call for a free quote on any installation requirements.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:How long before my equipment can be installed?

We will schedule your install within 24 hours of your request.

Q:Will I need extra sensors?

Not for all equipment. But we will help find you one and its accessories if needed

Q:How covert is the installation?

In many instances and upon customer request, the unit and its antenna’s and wiring are completely hidden under the dashboard of the vehicle.

Q:Will the installer have to dismantle my car? Will he have to drill holes in my car?

No visible holes are ever drilled to install most modern GPS tracking and navigation units. Your installation professional will be removing and re-installing some of your car’s trim pieces in order to install the mount or covert unit. There will be no evidence of this after installation is complete, and no evidence if you should ever have the unit removed and re installed into a different vehicle.

Q:Are most systems hard wired into the car or does it plug into the cigarette lighter?

All units are wired to the vehicles electrical system with superior automotive grade terminals.

Q:How long does the installation take?

Installation can take from 20 min to 2 Hours. The type of system and sensors requested can multiply the installation time. Please have all product information ready when calling.

Q:Can it be done at my home or office my or do I have to deliver installer’s place of business?

We do our best to provide mobile installation at your office or home, always being discreet. Depending on location.

Q:How is the antenna mounted?

Most modern Antennas are made to be fixed to either the inside of the windshield or underneath the dashboard. Covert or hidden installations are our favorite types of installation, and cost the same!!!!!!!!!!

Q:Do you install anywhere?

A.I.S run a regular mobile installation service thoughout the Sydney and Blue Mountain regions, however we are equiped to install all over Australia and remote locations at a reasonable travel rate, we also have installation contacts thoughout Australia.