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Dual Batteries & Power Packs


Many travelers, in an endeavour to run 12v accessories and keep their fridge as cold as possible, for as long as possible, add a second auxiliary battery to their vehicle.  Some also add a second battery to power additional 12V, or 220V appliances via an inverter. However, if you are going away for several weeks, we can give you options to keep them charged and giving you the extra storage power you need overnight and between travelling.  There are several ways that you can do this:

  1. Increase your alternator output with a High Quality DC/DC Battery Charger
  2. Add a solar panel for those days when you don’t travel but still need to add charge to your batteries both fixed and portable
  3. Add heavy duty cabling to increase your alternator outputs, especially at slow speeds.
  4. Charge up your batteries whenever you have access to Mains power with a powerful, multi-stage, mains charger
  5. Install an effective system to suit your Camper Trailer / Caravan or motorhome to ensure that the alternator’s surplus power is optimally deployed for the topping up of all your batteries to their optimium charge
  6. Supply and fit the latest in Lead Acid, Calcium, AGM & Lithium batteries to suit each aplication / location
  7. Install a informative monitoring system that allows you to monitor all you input and output current so you can know state of charge of your battery system

As many people run different accessories and travel in different situations in some cases a Power Pack or Solar Generator can be a fantastic solution to get you the best power system in your vehicle, caravan, camper trailer or Motorhome.