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Conopy & Ute Accessories

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Steel Canopy

The Steel Canopy is the first canopy built to an automotive standard. A canopy for your ute that has combined strength and security with technology and style. Complete with standard roof rails that are rated to carry up to one hundred kilograms and a steel roof that has been tested to four times that weight, you can see why so many utility owners, from all walks of life, are choosing a Steel Canopy.

The Steel Canopy can be customised with a roof rack system to suit your specific requirements.

The canopy standard with roof rails.
Alternatively, if you need to carry loads that require a larger weight distribution, such as a roof top tent, you can option up to our Track System. Having the track system installed allows the weight of the item being carried to be distributed evenly over the canopy’s roof.
The track system set up has been engineered and tested by Rhino Rack, one of Australia’s leading brands in roof racks.

The Steel Canopy is suited to many different lifestyles. From commercial to camping, the Steel Canopy can be customized with options that suit your lifestyle.

The Canopy is the perfect solution if you are looking to secure loads on the roof. We can upgrade to a Rhino Rack roof rack system which will allow up to a 100kg on-road dynamic load rating.

The Steel Canopy is ideal for use with a roof top tent. Upgrading the roof racks to our track system, the Steel Canopy can be customized with a roof rack system using Rhino Rack’s range of products to support a roof top tent. If you are looking to carry longer items on the roof, you can use a support bar on your vehicle’s cabin which can be lined up with the racks on the canopy.


Alloy Canopies

Razorback Gear sells a range of Alloy Canopies which can be customised to suit your requirements.

We have canopies available in standard sizes or we can customer order for you.

Standard Sizes Include:

• Dual Cab (1800mm x 1800mm)

• Extra Cab (2100mm x 1800mm)

• Single Cab (2400mm x 1800mm)

The height of the canopy can be either 860mm or 1000mm depending on your preference.

Features & Benefits

Weather Resistant Rubber Seals

Fully Seam Welded

Strong Key Lockable T-Locks

Full Length Piano Type Hinge

In-built Floor


Heavy Duty 2.5mm Aluminium Checkerplate

3 Door Empty Design

Options Available

Welded Ladder Racks (1, 2 or 3) or Full Length Ladder Rack (150kg rating)

Front & Rear Windows

Passenger & Driver Side Windows

Internal Supports (up to 300kg rating)

Jack Off System – includes a re-enforced floor with sub-frame underneath, jack-off points and includes 4 x wind up legs.


Mammoth Mat

If you are wanting to stop gear sliding around in the back of your ute, these mats are great for non slip. 

Mammoth ute mats have been in the back of Australian utes for over 25 years and there is still no mat that can match it! 

Our ute mats are made from 15mm wide reinforced rubber strips woven into a super tough mat that is 12mm thick. Mammoth Ute Mats do not require fastening and are easily removed for cleaning. Mammoth Ute Mats will never rot, tear, harden, crack or split. 

When choosing a ute mat, the biggest problem to consider is moisture build up under the mat causing rust. Mammoth Mats are the only mats that can effectively breath enough to dry out the moisture quickly. 

Warranty, these mats are backed by a manufacturer's 5 year guarantee (covers normal wear & tear).