Over 25 years of experiance with Products, Installation and extensive Off-Road Travel

All wrapped up in a mobile Installation service!

Company Profile

Advanced Installation ServiceWhether you're a weekend camper, grey nomad or serious tourer, A.I.S will look after your conversion with true professionalism.

Jeremy has been in the 4x4 industry for over twenty five years, wherever he is known, he is respected for both his technical abilities and his undisputed integrity.

In 2010 he established his current company Advanced Installation Service, he has maintained an ongoing involvement within the 4wd and outdoor industry since 1991.

The love Jeremy shares for 4WD's is equal to the love he has for the great outdoors that Australia has to offer, having travelled extensively throughout our wide brown continent for as long as he can remember, has gained him invaluable knowledge of keeping, maintaining and fitting out almost every type of 4WD on the market.

Customer Solutions is probably the most appropriate description for the company, within the limits of specification and safety they will strive to address and supply the perfect solution on any installation project to each individual requirement. Their expertise and integrity guarantees the finished product. These are the maxims of true Master Craftsmen and for A.I.S there is no other way!

Advanced Installation Service
The facility A.I.S provide is almost as broad as the products we supply, we are completely geared to keep our overheads low and pass that saving on to our customers.

Big Bird is the A.I.S Defender that has been equiped as a complete mobile installation service vehice, one side fitted out with tools, stock and install equipment and the other is fitted out with a fully functioning kitchen with Fridge, 3 burner Dometic cook top and sink complete with hot and cold running water.

No location is too remote to visit with the fully equiped 'Big Bird' ready to install every possible accessory that you can imagine.

A.I.S is a well balanced blend of expertise and personal service. As you can imagine in some instances some products may require a fully functioning workshop, this is where we use key partners within the 4wd industry which allows complete and extensive access to the work shop facilities that is needed.

Jeremy is a man of old fashioned honour and as far as he's concerned, serving his clients is his first priority, for him this is best done in a hands-on way. These are the reasons A.I.S have developed the reputation that they have, no one seems to be able to find any reason to change that.

Advanced Installation Service

Hannibal Safari Sydney
A.I.S have been involved with Hannibal Australia since the first imported tent landed on our shores, Jeremy has known Peter from Hannibal for over 20 years and has worked closely with the build, research and development of the Hannibal high quality Roof Tents, Awnings and remote travel products throughout that time.

Our involvement with Hannibal is all about supplying the highest quality roof tents to meet our customers high demands that traveling within Australia's harsh conditions require.

Advanced Installation Service